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A Complete Approach to Health and Fitness

Whatever Your Age, Whatever Your Condition and Whatever Your Goal is We Can Help

Personalised Programmes

Motivation & Accountability

Community Support & Friendships


Nutrition Education

Fitness Assesments

Why Nutrition Matters. The 80/20 Rule

Good nutrition is the key to a healthy life. So many negative conditions our bodies experience both externally and internally are due to poor nutritional lifestyles and can be resolved through understanding the right foods to eat (see our results page).

State of the Art Equipment

Using state of the art computer equipment we run a diagnostic on your body, and then analyse this to identify YOUR UNIQUE BODY REQUIREMENTS that can ensure a quick and effective to solution to your wellness problems. We will look at areas such as Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Bone Density, Visceral Fat and other areas to identify key deficiencies that we can then address and get you to where you want to be!

A Results Driven Approach

Diets don’t work! and only lead to a Yo-Yo body. To achieve your true wellness goals you need to make the changes that you can stick to, and that fit in with your specific lifestyle. At the Nutrition Coach we provide a personalised service to coach you and help you achieve your Wellness goals. This will include understanding your lifestyle & current eating habits and educating you on how you can make healthy changes that you will be able to adapt to, ensuring you can ENJOY and MAINTAIN a healthy life. Good Nutrition should be used in conjunction with regular exercise. Much like with a personal fitness trainer, we will be next to you every step of the way, to keep you motivated and guarantee you reach your goal.